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Open letter to production managers about on-set sound mixing principles
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Set up far away from sets so that the coffee makers and other devices can't be heard, especially on stage.


1. When possible, plan to push or pull the particularly loud vehicle out of the scene with human power during the close-ups.

2. Park the trucks as far away from set as reasonably possible and keep the individual generators off during the shot. Put base camp at least 1000 feet from set in quiet locations such as deserts and mountains, and 500 feet away in city locations.

3. Help keep insert cars quiet.

4. Be prepared to park a truck in front of the generator.

5. Instead of running car engines, use alternate quiet power for picture vehicles that must run flashing light effects during the coverage.

6. Never allow an open stage process car to be used without informing production that the scene will be looped.

· Reward the companies who have taken reasonable steps to keep quiet driving to a maximum. Especially ask if the tail pipe has been rerouted to the front of the truck and if the on board gennie is quiet.

· Use only one key alone in the ignition to eliminate clanging keys.

· Don't Armor-All the dashboard, and use Simple Green to remove it where mics need to be planted.

· Keep car interior floor area free of all the noisemakers such as the chains, removed side mirrors, nuts and bolts.


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