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Open letter to production managers about on-set sound mixing principles
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Make a reasonable effort to keep the offstage noise making devices away from the set. Baffle them whenever there is dialogue in the same scene.

1. When making rain, put the rain machines and water truck as far away as possible.

2. Use hogs hair to muffle raindrops on roofs and under windows.

3. When a fan is used to blow a curtain or plant, work it out with the sound mixer before the noise problem crops up after the first take.

4. When using fireplaces, try to limit the hissing gas sound.

5. Heaters on cold sets need to be shut off well before rolling to eliminate the crackle and pops from shutdown.


Cotton is our friend. Silk is our enemy. When requested, the wardrobe department can help by creatively placing the wireless in the best possible position on the actor's body. They should be sensitive about making negative comments about bulges that make the actors overly self-conscious about wearing a body mic. Avoid noisy clothing, especially when the principal actors will wear the same clothing throughout much of the film.

1. Ask the actors to avoid silk underclothing. Cotton tank top T-shirts should be put on actors when possible to help avoid clothes rustle.

2. Silk ties should be avoided. At least modify the inside with cotton for primary actors wearing the same wardrobe in several scenes.

3. Consider the impact on sound when choosing chains, necklaces and other jewelry.


Make an effort to keep noisy props as quiet as possible, especially in the following common problem areas:

1. With guns, always let the mixer know if you are using full, 1/2 or ¼ loads, how many shots are planned to be fired, and when they will take place.

2. With table scenes, try to put down a pad or felt underneath the tablecloth to muffle dish-clattering noise.

3. Use fake ice cubes in drink glasses.

4. In kitchen scenes, put a cloth down where possible dish noise will occur. Spray shopping bags with a water mister to get rid of paper noise.


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