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Open letter to production managers about on-set sound mixing principles
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The words, "We’ll fix it in post", should be replaced by "Let’s fix it on the set". Reasonable efforts should always be made to do all of these things in a reasonable amount of time.

It bothers us to sit quietly in a corner while YOUR sound tracks are being butchered. We care about our work.

We are only asking that we go back to a recent time when this was all common practice. We won't debate why this happened, but there is no denying that an anti-sound attitude now prevails. That was then, and this is now. Being a set politician is always an important forte, but your tracks should not be forced to ride on the outcome of who has the best verbal sparring abilities.

Don't tell your sound mixer that you hate looping unless you are willing to back them up with your on-set support.

Today, it is up to you to demand better sound for YOUR picture. This can be easily instilled on the first day of pre-production. Give all of the department keys a memo and a verbal direction that you want every reasonable effort made to get good sound on YOUR film.

We are not asking for special powers on set, just a little respect for your sound. With your support, we promise to act reasonably at all times and not expect that the sound will be the most important part of the film. We know there will be times that sound must be looped after it was given due consideration. We just don't want it taken lightly. The word "reasonable" applies at all times.

Most importantly, find the time to communicate with your sound mixer. You need to know that you are getting the best sound tracks possible.

We have written this because we like working on films and we want your film to be great! Our job may be finished at the end of principal photography, but we always want to be proud that our name went on your great film.


Your Sound Department


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