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Zaxcom Maxx False Battery Readings

[Répondre] [rec.arts.movies.production.sound]

Sujet : Zaxcom Maxx False Battery Readings
De : nmalogajski@gmail.com
Groupes : rec.arts.movies.production.sound
Date : 16. Jul 2019, 21:59:56
Hi all

Two days ago, i've ran out of battery during recording session on my Zaxcom
Maxx. Battery icon was blinking red, and faders in post fade mode were jumping
and changing values. Never happened before, but also never ran out of battery
before. As im sure that 2k+ location recorder has to be immune to this kind of
behavior just because battery ran out, i have tried to re instal firmware, to
reset the machine to its factory state etc. Nothing helped. Still getting 16.5V
battery shown as 12.5V(constantly jumping from 12.5 up to 20+V) + low battery
messages. Channel 1 in post fade is constantly on +17 dB value and it can't be
lowered while in post fade. Channel 2,3,4 jumping values across the scale and
every change in value adds change in voltage shown on battery icon. Only in Pre
Fade mode i can trim them all down, but i still get false battery readings. I
know this is highly unusual and I would appreciate every suggestion and input
info i can get, before i have to send the machine to the United States to be
serviced (contacted Zaxcom, got quick reply). In the end i will do just that.
Nevertheless I am highly concerned about future episodes like this. Once again,
thanks for any suggestion and info input. Cheers!


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* Zaxcom Maxx False Battery Readings
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Nikola Malogajski
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Scott Dorsey
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