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Re: TRAM TR50 innovator Ted Rapp - man of mystery?

[Répondre] [rec.arts.movies.production.sound]

Sujet : Re: TRAM TR50 innovator Ted Rapp - man of mystery?
De : geoffgmax@gmail.com
Groupes : rec.arts.movies.production.sound
Date : 06. Feb 2020, 05:24:01
References : 1
On Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 9:04:52 PM UTC-4, Bill White wrote:
> Theodore A Rapp brought us the legendary TR50 lapel mike.
> Over the years, I�ve heard some fascinating anecdotes of his life.
> Much of this may be myth as there seems to be very little documented
> evidence of his life.  While the company has reverted back to his
> family, they do not appear to have a web site.  Seems a pity that Ted
> died almost without trace.  Maybe he wanted it that way?
> Can anyone out there positively confirm or deny the following?
> Ted was a very private person who preferred to keep a low profile.
> He once worked in the R&D division of the CIA where they developed a
> miniature version of an electret mike for surveillance work.
> Realizing the commercial potential for concealable mikes in film & TV,
> Ted left the agency and developed the TRAM lapel mike which became an
> industry standard.
> Ted believed the agency was upset about him commercializing �their�
> invention, and that they intended to �get back at him� one day.
> Reputedly, he lived with his mother in upstate NY and the TRAM name came
> from Ted Rapp And Mother.
> He was extremely cautious about phone and fax communications as he 
> believed they were being �tapped� by his former employer.
> If you can throw any light on the above, or the real truth about Ted
> Rapp, please let us know as he deserves to be remembered for his
> contributions to our industry.
> Batter up!
> Bill White

My understanding...Along with the array of brilliant concealable mounts, and it
being available in various colors, the secret sauce was the low-noise cable.
Also, the original Tram had a 10k bump to push through clothing. Often this
would overload the front end of many first-generation wireless transmitters.
Jerry implemented a flat response version called the Sonotrim, which also cut
better with Schoeps.

And yes Glen, I remember the "and out" as well.  

Geoff Maxwell

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* Re: TRAM TR50 innovator Ted Rapp - man of mystery?
`* Re: TRAM TR50 innovator Ted Rapp - man of mystery?
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